"Morning gents, proud Englishman sick of a one sided test series, willing to walk down Oxford Street raising funds to bring Warne. Let me know if you need any help. Toodle pip."
"Terrific Idea! How come Australian businesses are not getting behind this? They paid $3 million for Tiger and he is not even an Australian legend!"
"I truly hope that you are successful in your campaign. As somebody who is fortunate enough to have lived in Hampshire for a number of years and even as a long-suffering Pom, I would love to see Warne play test cricket again so I wish you all the best in your efforts. Do you think there’s any chance you can tempt Richie Benaud back while you’re at it? Best wishes."
"The moment we lost the Test yesterday, my first thought was if we want to have any chance of winning the Ashes, we need Warnie in there. Obviously yourself, and many other Aussies feel the same. What you have created here is excellent"
"Yup been trying (to get on the site) most of the morning, but seems OK now....Wikileaks and Bring back Warne both down ! :)"
"You guys should start a fund for Warnie that will allow him to stay in the commentary box. The thought that he may put on his baggy green again scares the life out of me!!! Barmy Army Forever!"
"I think it's hilarious you Aussies are even considering getting him back in the team. I'm thoroughly behind anything that gets him off commentary on Sky Sports. :-)"
"As an England fan I'm just curious to know what you guys would do if struggling again in two years or four? Maybe you should put all of your money into finding new talent or just except that for once we are the better side then you! And we cold still lose the Ashes yet with or without Warne!"
"I saw some pretty impressive footage of Richie bowling at Ted Dexter in ‘61. If Shane won’t do it, I reckon the Poms might have trouble picking Richie’s wrong’un, if he can get it down the other end"
"Get some pride, this is not Australian behaviour. Go down with the ship with some dignity"
"You have no chance, Shane Warne would not get out of bed for that total! The ashes will remain in England. I would imagine that will be confirmed even before Christmas!! Good Luck!"
"Yeah… bring Shane Warne back!"